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You have a product. It needs a PRESENCE.

You're on the hunt for that elusive combination of quality + affordability. You may not have a creative clue.

Time to hire an EXPERT.

Vick Tracey, Private Designer brings seasoned creative experience to your business and advertising media. From your vision to my visual representation, Vick Tracey has a good eye for great design, and illustration too.


About ME, the artist/designer.

HELLO. I'm Victoria Johnson, visual communications specialist and birther of Vick Tracey, Private Designer, a full service graphic designer based in Southern California. I'm a head in the clouds kind of gal. Content with my own company. Inhabiting a world where the imagination runs free. With this imagination I create visuals. Not only for businesses, but as a passion.


Having grown up in a family of talented artists and musicians, creativity is bred in the bones. My father, a commercial art major in college, often joked that creativity is no career for "those who like to eat". Taking dad's words to heart I worked my share of stable jobs with stable incomes that kept food plentiful on the table (dad was pleased).


Then one day I had an epiphany: I wanted to do more than just work to live, I wanted to live my work too. I hastily enrolled in an accredited Commercial Art and Design program at a local tech school (before I could talk myself out of it). Earning an Associates degree, I took my first job as production artist for an antiques and collectibles magazine, and stayed a straight course towards becoming an independent.


What's best about being an independent? Freedom...to work my own schedule. Variety...in the range of projects I'm given the opportunity to work on. Diversity...in the many different industries and clientele I have the pleasure to collaborate with from the West Coast to Sydney, Australia. I have doggedly trod this career path. Through feasts, famines, and numerous cups of late night coffee to help meet seemingly impossible deadlines.


Truly, I wouldn't have it any other way.