I choose only a handful designs to feature in my portfolios. If you're interested in seeing more design samples, CLICK HERE to request. 

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Pleased to meet you. I'm Victoria Johnson, birther of Vick Tracey, Private Designer. My specialty is digital arts and visual communications. I've always been a head in the clouds kind of gal. Content in my own company. Inhabiting a world where the imagination runs wild and free. With this imagination I create cool imagery. Sometimes for fun, most often for a living, always for passion.


Growing up, I was often indulging in the two Ds: Drawing and Daydreaming. Many would encourage my creative side, although my father, a commercial art major in college, would joke that creativity is no career for "those who like to eat". I took dad's words to heart and worked my share of stable jobs with stable compensation that kept a roof over my head and food on the table (dad was pleased).


Then I had an epiphany: I wanted to do more than just work to live, I wanted to live my work, too. Which led me to somewhat hastily enroll in a local tech school's Commercial Art and Design program (before I could give it myself enough time to talk myself out of it). I earned my Associates degree, took a first job as production artist for the antique and collectibles magazine Collector and stayed a straight course towards becoming an independent.


What's best about being an independent designer is the variety of projects I'm given the opportunity to work on and the diversity of clients I have the pleasure to work with. I have doggedly dedicated myself to this career...through feasts, famines, and numerous cups of late night coffee to help meet seemingly impossible deadlines.

As an anecdote, many clients tell me they love my business name. I wish I could say it was a clever play on an established theme, but it's simply a combining of my nickname, Vick, and middle name, Tracey. I wish I could even take the credit for it but it was a co-worker at my last 9-5 who jokingly bestowed it. I had told him of my goal to become an independent designer and he, knowing my nickname and middle name said, 'You could call yourself Vick Tracey, Private Designer. How cool would that be?'

Very cool indeed. And the rest, as they say, is history.