When putting your best photo forward, there's a time and place for keeping it real. But when you want to present your product in the best light possible, a little cosmetic editing goes a long way. Whether color correcting images, creating product prototypes, or clipping intricate paths, I'm your qualified graphic surgeon.

Your Qualified Graphic Surgeon

Photo Editing
SURGICAL CASE #1255: Create a clipping path to isolate the child, place him on a green screen and brighten the carrot shaving circling the eye.
Photo Editing
SURGICAL CASE #1256: A tricky case of removing the adult from the photo, rebuilding the busy background behind her, adding a left hand to the boy (upper right) so it looks as if he is waving. 
Photo Editing
SURGICAL CASE #1257: involved removing the hand in the lower right corner, soft blurring the background to bring focus to the main subject and color correction.
Creating a Clipping Path
SURGIGAL CASE #1258: Involved isolating the model on a white background, making the suit more form fitting to the model and ironing out those wrinkles.
Photo Editing
SURGICAL CASE #1259: The challenge was to remove person taking a photo in far background, toning down the white light and removing the reflection of lawn activity from the auto fender. 
Photo Editing
SURGICAL CASE #1260: Involved giving the model, used for a tanning product, a deep bronze tan and changing the wishy washy pink lingerie to sexy black.
SURGICAL CASE #1261: A most challenging case involving flipping the model from laying to standing, taking her out of the pool, turning the problematic ponytail into a bun and adding refreshing splashes of water for a cool, clean presentation.


There's a time and place for hiring a professional photographer and as a conscientious designer I always recommend you use one. If you don't have the time or budget for professionally-staged product shots, digitally rendered prototypes can be the next best thing. As a visual communications specialist, I can create your product prototypes or stage your products attractively for ads and presentations. Check out a few examples in this slideshow then contact me for more info!

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